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May, 2018

Mission Statement

Mission Statement: Harper Woods Little League (HWLL) is an instructional community youth baseball and softball league with a mission to engage the youth of our community through healthy athletic competition, to provide opportunities to learn and appreciate the sport of  baseball and softball, and to encourage the development of life skills and personal character.   Our objectives are to provide quality baseball and softball instruction in the fundamental aspects of the game in a safe, positive, nurturing environment, and expose young  people to some of the general life lessons of being an athlete.  We hope through their experience in HWLL, that our athletes will develop an appreciation for physical conditioning, healthy life choices, self-discipline, responsibility, accountability, self-esteem, pride, integrity, teamwork, and sportsmanship.  Finally, and most importantly, HWLL endeavors that each player has an enjoyable and rewarding experience learning and playing baseball and softball while sharing the healthy emotional spectrum of success and failure with their team, coaches, and family.Core ValuesHWLL embraces the historical pillars upon which Little League was built -Character, Courage, and Loyalty.  Our organization is charged with providing every day examples of these core values.  As leaders and role models, nothing is more important than that of being the example of good character to our young people.  It is up to us as parents and leaders in our communities to “Be the change we hope to see.” As an organization, we have even greater responsibilities to those we serve.  Other core values of our organization are Transparency, Communication, and Accountability.  It is by these guiding principles that we endeavor to not only manage HWLL today, but to pass it along to the next generations of volunteer leaders who follow.Core PurposeAs an organization, our daily purpose is to improve the overall experience for players, parents, and coaches so as to create a culture that not only attracts player and volunteer participation, but keeps them coming back year after year

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